Everything A Mother Should Know About VBAC

Everything A Mother Should Know About VBAC

It is normal for C-Section mothers to opt for a vaginal birth in their second pregnancy. You may find it interesting to know that the success rate of VBAC has legitimately increased from 60% to 80% around the world. Pregnant women like to opt for Vaginal Birth After C-Section for a variety of factors. However, the journey of VBAC requires key considerations to keep in mind. 

Let’s discover what all a mother needs to know while opting for VBAC. This blog will give an in-depth insight to those mothers looking for natural delivery options.

What is VBAC?

Primarily, it is important to know the concept of C-Section Delivery and Vaginal Delivery. The C-section cut is done through the uterus and belly, and your baby is delivered through the incision. Whereas, Vaginal Delivery is an uncut natural delivery process.

Vaginal Birth After C-Section, also known as VBAC, states that you give birth naturally through your vagina during a second or third child delivery after you had a C-section during your previous delivery. Decades ago, the fear of the hazards of vaginal delivery following a cesarean, such as uterine rupture, led to a high rate of repeat cesarean deliveries. But with advancement in technology and medical expertise, more women now have the option of a VBAC.

  • The rationale behind the prior cesarean, the type of uterine incision, the women’s general health, and the specifics of the current pregnancy all play a role in the choice to try a VBAC.
  • The possible advantages of VBAC are shorter recovery periods, a lower chance of problems from cesarean surgery, and the chance for a more natural childbirth experience.

Is VBAC safe?

Talking about safety while having VBAC, today its proven success rate is 60–80%. Vaginal Birth After C- Section is dependent on several variables and needs to be evaluated case-by-case. Although uterine rupture, which can cause major difficulties for both the mother and the child, is one of the risk factors associated with vaginal birth cesarean delivery (VBAC), it is generally a safe option for many women with a history of cesarean delivery.

The cause of the prior cesarean, the type of uterine incision, the women’s general health, and the details of the current pregnancy are some of the factors that affect the safety of VBACs. Women with a low transverse uterine incision from their prior cesarean, no further uterine scarring, and no health issues are good candidates for a vaginal birth after cesarean.

When compared to repeated cesarean deliveries, vaginal births are linked to a decreased risk of infection, hemorrhage, and surgical complications. When a trial of labor after cesarean delivery is performed instead of an intentional repeat cesarean delivery, there is a slight but increased chance of uterine rupture.

To ensure the safety of the mother and the child during a VBAC attempt, close observation during labor and quick access to emergency medical interventions are essential. In the end, the woman and her healthcare professional should have a thorough discussion and assess the potential risks and advantages, depending on the woman’s particular circumstances, before deciding whether to undergo a VBAC.

Key factors while considering VBAC

  • You need to visit your gynecologists regularly to find out if everything is fine or if your mother and baby need extra care and precautions for a safe VBAC.
  • VBAC depends on the health of the mother and baby; hence, regular diagnosis is the most crucial factor to consider.
  • Thinking about VBAC comes with a lot of extra care and pampering. To avoid uterine rupture during vaginal birth, you need to follow a diet according to the gynecologist’s suggestions.
  • A healthy diet, heavy yoga avoidance, and many other factors need to be taken care of while opting out of VBAC.
  • The availability of immediate medical care in case of a uterine rupture should be taken care of.
  • Vigilant monitoring during the labor and delivery process is highly recommended to manage the rising issues during VBAC.
  • Considering women’s preferences, needs, and emotional availability is very important during VBAC.

Is VBAC available in Hyderabad?

Now VBAC is easily available in Hyderabad city at Ankura Hospital. It is the fastest-growing maternity hospital in Hyderabad. Taking care of mothers and their infants is their commitment. Along with the diagnosis, proper precautions are taken before conceiving a baby. Minor tests for ultrasonic and fetal medicines are prescribed by experts and professionals.

Ankura Hospital is dedicated to taking special care of mothers during labor and throughout the delivery process. The hospital is equipped with the latest technologies and modern machines that make it easy to deal with emergencies. We also provide breastfeeding ease and advice about postnatal care while providing a comfortable experience for both mother and baby.

Ankura Hospital Warm Care

Looking for a maternity hospital in Hyderabad to take care of a mother and child? Ankura Hospital could be a reliable partner for you on this journey. Here are the reasons to choose Ankura Hospital warm care:

  • We understand the needs and preferences of our clients and would-be mothers; hence, our staff members and professionals are dedicated to taking care of them relentlessly.
  • Our gynecology specialists have the expertise to deal with bladder aches, labor pain, fecal issues, urinary tract, umbilical cord, or vaginal disruptions.
  • Our best maternity and gynecology services are for pregnant women to take care of them during their needs. 
  • We have advanced equipment and technologies that are made to take care of mother and child in case a critical situation occurs.


Being a mother is the most beautiful feeling in the world. VBAC is your option to experience how it feels to deliver your child naturally. At Ankura Hospital, we will take care of your child and provide the best services.

If you are pregnant and looking for a safe maternity hospital in Hyderabad, you need to look no further. Visit our official website to make an appointment with our professionals.

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