Common complications in the first trimester of pregnancy

Common complications in the first trimester of pregnancy

Common complications in the first trimester of pregnancy

Pregnancy is a journey which lasts about 40 weeks. The emotional and physical change a woman’s body undergoes during this phase of her life is immense.

This ecstatic and joyous phase comes with a bundle of responsibilities too. Sometimes, complications become inevitable and arise during pregnancy even though utmost care is provided by the mother.

The first trimester or the first three months of pregnancy is the most sensitive time for any complications to develop. The fetus and all its organs are formed during this period and thus it becomes extremely important to take all the precautions for the healthy development of the child. Some important signs to notice in case of complications developing in the mother can be explained as follows.

Vaginal bleeding

Normal menstruation stops after the implantation of the fetus in the wall of the uterus. Any bleeding after getting pregnant should thus be carefully noticed. Mild spotting or blood spot can be normal in the initial phase, but any heavy blood discharge should be taken seriously.Blood from the vagina may be indicative of either a miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy.

Excessive nausea and vomiting

A majority of women experience nausea and vomiting during the first trimester and it is normal and expected in pregnancy.To overcome the nausea, opt for smaller and more frequent meals, every 2-3 hours, and regularly drink fluids. But, excess of it may cause dehydration which is harmful for both, the mother and the developing child.

Vaginal discharge and itching

The increased levels of progesterone in the body during pregnancy are responsible for the increase in vaginal discharge. However, brownish or unusual odour vaginal discharge and itching may indicate some sexually transmitted diseases.Make sure you report it to your gynaecologist to avoid further complications.


High fever can be caused by certain infections which can be harmful. Fever accompanied by joint pain and rashes may be indicative of specific diseases. Since these diseases may cause developmental disturbances in the newborn they must be diagnosed at the earliest.

Swollen or tender breasts

During the first trimester breasts start to prepare the milk ducts for the baby and they might feel sore and tender because of the hormonal changes post-conception. A good support bra will help ease the discomfort.

Skin changes

Darkening of the nipples and the area around them during pregnancy is normal.This is because of the variations occurring in the hormonal levels and may subside after the delivery of the baby.


Experiencing heartburn during the pregnancy journey is a common problem faced by the majority of women.Drinking plenty of fluids, avoiding oily and spicy foods will help you manage heartburn. Additionally, eating small and frequent meals may help in preventing heartburn.

Pain or burning during urination

Frequent urination and incontinencemay happen throughout the pregnancy, especially during the last few weeks and it is common. Additionally, experiencing pain or burning during urination may be indicative of a urinary tract infection. Such infections can get more serious in pregnancy and also be responsible for premature labor in the future.

The flare-up of chronic diseases

If the mother is already suffering from chronic health conditions such as thyroid-related diseases, blood pressure, asthma, diabetes, etc. they need to be under good control during pregnancy. If not, they may interfere with the pregnancy outcomes.

Apart from the above concerns during pregnancy, you may also feel light-headed, emotionally exhausted and experience rapid mood swings. Regular check-ups with the gynaecologist are advised to know any such problem at the earliest. Any signs of complications controlled at the right time can help one lead a healthy pregnancy. We at Ankura hospital, have a dedicated team of fetal medicine experts and gynaecologists who help you guide through all nine months for a relaxed and complication-free pregnancy.

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